Meet Jody Isenhour
Dancer, Dance Educator, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Wife and Cancer Survivor. Jody is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma with her Bachelor's Degree in Ballet Pedagogy. Jody first owned F.G.I. School of Dance in Oklahoma for 13 years, Art In Motion Dance Academy in Marion, IA for 6 years and now resides in Fort Worth, TX guest teaching at various studios as well as after school programs. Jody Also holds her Teacher's Cecchetti Advanced Certificate.

Jody's Story
First you or a loved one finds a lump. Fear sets in. A mammogram is performed and you are told there is a suspicious area and they want to perform an ultra sound. The ultra sound is performed and again you are told it doesn't look normal and they want to perform a needle biopsy. A biopsy is performed and you know in your heart what it is, but you wait and you wait and you wait. Finally you get a call, it is cancer and you cry and you cry and you cry.

At the age of 39 Jody Isenhour was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided during one of her chemo sessions to make a difference. She has been dancing since the age of six and owned a dance studio for 15 years and knew that hair was of great importance to dancers. She called Jessica McCarroll, co-founder of DAC, and together they developed a program using the art, beauty and energy of dance to reach into local communities and encourage the understanding and support of cancer awareness.

Jody's husband once said to her "There was a reason you had breast cancer". If she hadn't had cancer she knows in her heart Dancers Against Cancer would not be in exsistence today.

Meet Jessica McCarroll
Jessica McCarroll is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with her bachelor of Science degree in Dance Management throughout college she spent a great amount of time learning about and working with non-profit organizations. This helped Jessica to realize there is so much that can be done and so many different path's to choose. She knew that it was just a matter of time before she would get her chance to make a difference.

When Jody was diagnosed with cancer and they began to discuss the the possibility of being able to use dance as our way to make a difference, she knew it was a great opportunity. Many members of her family and friends have had breast cancer and many other types of cancer. DAC has helped Jessica understand the need for awareness, and to encourage others to feel the same way.

Dancers Against Cancer, a 501c3 organization, is a great opportunity to unite so many people and we know with some work and time we will make it across the entire United States and someday across the world.

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